Professor Avi Porath has joined ODMachine (ODM) as the Medical Director of its “Future Health” product.

Prof. Porath has been appointed as the Medical Director of the Future Health product that focuses on personalized preventive medicine.

His considerable experience and extensive research in the field of quality assurance in medicine and healthcare services will greatly contribute to the development of the product.

Prof. Emeritus Porath, a member of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, trained as an internist and holds an MPH in Epidemiology from the University of North Carolina, USA.

He founded and managed the Israeli Society of Quality Assurance within the Israel Medical Association, and also established the National Program for Quality Indicators for the Ministry of Health. Amongst other positions, Prof. Porath served as Chief Medical Officer at Maccabi Healthcare Services, and as Head of Internal Medicine at the Soroka Medical Center.

Today, most health plans, whether public or private, are required by law to cover at least basic preventive medicine services at no extra charge, but the services are determined according to the principles of uniform public medicine and in accordance with “one size fits all” principals based on extensive population surveys. Despite the availability of basic preventive testing, the short time granted to each patient-physician visit does not allow for the individual tailoring of necessary preventive tests, and often the information required by the physician is not immediately available at the time of the appointment.

ODM’s Future Health product will provide patients enrolled in health plans with an automatic service that provides precise and personalized testing recommendations based on an analysis of all the data contained in the patient’s medical file, allowing for timely intervention, disease prevention and better quality of life.