ODM recruits for its new Jerusalem branch

The new employees have graduated from the Tal Campus at the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center. Tal offers advanced academic programs to women from across the religious spectrum, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to attain leading positions in Israel’s competitive fields of science, business, high-tech and nursing. ODM firmly believes in the capabilities, commitment and value of Tal’s graduates.

ODM’s Jerusalem branch is located in the BIOHOUSE complex at the Hadassah Medical Center, a new collaborative workspace designed for biomedical startups.

The integration of these outstanding bioinformaticians will contribute to their professional skills and provide them with a career springboard. The Company is confident that the excellence and knowledge they bring will greatly contribute to its continued development in the field of biomedical big data.

Amongst other capabilities, ODM’s innovative system prepares therapeutic roadmaps that assist physicians in choosing the optimal personalized treatment options for their patients, avoiding ineffective treatments, adverse side effects, lost time and unnecessary expenses. This will result in increased survival rates and a better quality of life for the patients, whilst at the same time providing the hospitals with an infrastructure utilization and planning tool that will realize enormous operational and cost benefits for them.

In addition to the immense benefits provided to the patients and their physicians, ODM will also allow the accumulated data to be used for research purposes, such as for improving medical practices and for drug research and development.

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