ODM’s “Therapeutic Roadmaps” Beta Site

ODM has begun to operate its B2C beta site offering physicians the opportunity to take advantage of the machine’s “Therapeutic Roadmaps” capabilities. The machine prepares disease treatment pathways, detailing recommended treatment options based on the patient’s profile built from the uploaded medical data. The system builds a clinical profile for comparison, learns from similar cases stored in large databases, and recommends and prioritizes possible treatments. Information is presented allowing the physician to choose between different treatment options, avoiding ineffective treatments, time wastage, adverse side effects and unnecessary expenses.

Successful results have already been demonstrated on medical cases of subtypes of triple negative breast cancer.

ODM is developing an advanced self-learning machine for the automatic and efficient mining of biological big data, from all sources and in any format. The aim is to perform automated and efficient mining of huge volumes of biological data at high speeds. The system’s open platform enables independent private data bases to be set up in a hybrid cloud, or for the intuitive use of public information. The information system is built to absorb vast amounts of biomedical data that are updated in real time from public and private sources. In addition to “Therapeutic Roadmaps” (B2C), ODM also provides “Research Roadmaps” (B2B), offering its capabilities and services to academic institutes and commercial organizations.



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