Dr. Ofer Reiter Agar joined ODM as a medical director

We are happy to welcome Dr. Ofer Reiter Agar to ODM as a medical director who will be advising the company on the development of an AI based physician’s diagnostic aid for evaluating skin cancer risk.

Dr. Reiter Agar is a board-certified dermatologist and a graduate of the Cutaneous-Oncology fellowship program at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New-York. His main area of practice and research is the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. He serves as an attending physician at the skin cancer screening clinic in the Dermatology Department of the Rabin Medical Center and is leading the dermatology practice at the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center in the Ramat Aviv Medical Center. Dr. Reiter has previously served as an advisor and a medical director in medtech and pharmaceutical companies and holds the position of Clinical Lecturer in the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine.

The skin diagnostic technology is powered by ODM and based on AI image processing systems that combine dedicated machine learning and unique similarity algorithms. The system incorporates medical data management from multiple sources on an individual patient basis- medical files, family history, genetic profiles, demographic data environmental information, together with continuously updated medical research – to provide high level analytics and valuable medical interconnections. The system will improve the overall level of treatment in the field through the early detection of skin cancer by assessing the risk of melanoma and other skin cancers. This will allow for the proactive referral to dermatologists of those at-risk, the efficient management and supervision of treatment, as well as the identification of potential new risk factors in the general population.