A New Collaboration between-KSM,Maccabi’s Research and Innovation Center, Maccabi Dent, and ODM

A Big Data study will examine the connection between panoramic dental images and the early diagnosis of osteoporosis

As part of a new collaboration between KSM Maccabi’s Research and Innovation Center, Maccabi Dent, and ODMachine (ODM), a first-of-its-kind study will be conducted to examine whether early signs of osteoporosis (bone weakness) can be detected from dental images.

One in two women over the age of 55 and one in four men over the age of 65 are likely to develop osteoporosis. Early detection and timely treatment are expected to significantly slow the development of the disease, and prevent bone fractures and suffering to the patient.

The research will be based on the analysis of the data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, that will lead to the early diagnosis of patients at risk of suffering osteoporotic fractures. The study will be conducted on de-identified data (data from which all possible patient identifiers have been removed).

The current test used for diagnosing osteoporosis is DXA, which measures bone density, but its effectiveness is limited and therefore, more accurate and advanced tools are needed to predict and identify the disease.  Advanced image processing technologies integrated into ODM’s AI platform will for the first time adopt the approach of combining radiology and big data.

KSM (Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi), the Research and Innovation Center of Maccabi Health Services, was founded in 2016 in cooperation with Morris Kahn and Sami Sagol, and is headed by Dr. Tal Patalon. KSM’s vision is to reshape the future of healthcare by providing a holistic approach to the needs of medical research and empowering both the patients and the caregivers. KSM has developed a unique big data research platform, which enables researchers from around the world to conduct medical research, analysis and forecasting using advanced algorithms, based on online de-identified databases. The center carries out epidemiological and clinical research, and has established the largest biobank in Israel.  The center strategically partners with leading scientists, researchers, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, startups, and tech companies throughout the world. www.ksminnovation.com.

Maccabi Dent operates a chain of 56 dental clinics throughout Israel, and is part of the Maccabi Health Services Group. The network employs first class dental health professionals and puts quality of treatment above all. Maccabi Dent has maintained computerized documentation for several years, enabling it to participate in groundbreaking and game changing research.